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Day Camp Educator Description

Do you love working with children and nature? We’re seeking a person to be part of the 2018 Nature Day Camp. Dates: June 25 to August 17, 2018. Transportation required.

1. Must be at least 18 years old
2. Ability to work with a diverse array of children from different socio-economic, racial, and (dis)ability backgrounds
3. Must attend pre-camp training and planning
4. Ability to work in outdoor settings
5. Must understand the objective of camp and the mission of the Nature Center
6. Must be Standard First Aid/child CPR certified by the start of camp
7. Must have previous experience with children
8. Must have positive clearances
9. Previous environmental educational experience, preferred
10. Knowledge of natural history preferred
11. Creativity and flexibility a plus
12. Must be comfortable outdoors
13. Must have basic computer skills
14. Must attend onsite training and complete program preparations prior to the start of camp
15. Must have balanced perspective of all educational activities
16. Lifeguard certification a plus

Pay Scale: $8-12 per hour based on skill level and experience; not to exceed 40 hours per week

Responsible to: Day Camp Director

1. Prepare list – in advance – of supply needs
2. Coordinate, supervise, and participate in specific program which fits the targeted framework
3. Help campers adjust to camp by providing clear, concise expectations for all
4. Explain daily camp activities to campers
5. Meet and share ideas with other staff/educators prior to the start of camp
6. Work with staff to organize and maintain camp unity
7. Insure camp sessions begin and end on time
8. Maintain necessary camp records as requested by Camp Director
9. Ensure program schedule is in compliance with goals and objectives of camp and the Nature Center
10. Ensure correct use, storage, and maintenance of supplies and equipment
11. Review Human Resource policies as well as staff manual
12. Review camper roster and make plans according to group size, age, medical conditions and (dis)ability while remaining attentive to specific camper needs
13. Carry first aid kits and medical release forms, if away from the Lodge
14. Complete weekly lesson plans
15. Complete incident/accident reports, if needed
16. Maintain all program materials and keep Day Camp Director informed of status
17. Check camper records for medical ailments
18. Maintain an accurate updated roster of enrolled campers with disabilities, medical issues, attendance, and people approved to pick up children each day.
19. Administer first aid and CPR in emergency situations, if necessary
20. Perform a variety of routine clerical duties: type a variety of reports, duplicate materials, etc.
21. Understand and utilize the crisis management plan – TBA.
22. Understand and utilize the Human Resources policy handbook-TBDeveloped
23. Complete an end of day assessment
24. Implement constructive behavior modification to the children, if needed
25. Complete all assigned weekly camp duties
26. Inform Camp Director of any behavior issues or possible issues on the day they arise, BEFORE pick up

Printable job description

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