Nature at Night

PWC_skunkINarmsGreat night time fun in the woods!

Eat s’mores at the campfire and make some discoveries at the experiment stations. Take a short walk on a luminary-lit trail including a labyrinth. Listen to storyteller Rebecca Lesko share nature stories of the first bat, night, and fire. Play a game to test your echolocation abilities. Then head indoors to meet some live nocturnal animals. Next the real fun begins in the moonlight! Take a guided sensory walk. Gaze through a telescope. Listen for owls. For those who want to stay after 8:30 pm, we’ll play flashlight tag or kick-the-can in the field. Click to register

At the hands-on discovery stations, you’ll experiment with the bioluminescence of lightning bugs, test your sense of smell, make a cool craft, try to identify nocturnal bugs by sight and sound, figure out why the moon has phases, and more.Lightning bug in someone's hand

During the live animal program by Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center, you’ll meet nocturnal animals. A Barn Owl, skunk, opossum, and others will thrill everyone. Kathy and Eric Uhler have been rescuing wildlife since 1983. Next in the moonlight you’ll explore nature on a guided sensory walk with naturalist Rebecca Lesko, gaze through a telescope at celestial objects, or listen for owls around the campfire.

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