Macialek Land Donation

Joe Macialek and Rebecca Lesko holding a deed.

45 acres of forest land donated

Joseph Macialek donated part of his Wyoming County land holdings to the Endless Mountains Nature Center. The land was passed to him from his parents. They had purchased the land from their parents who had once resided on and farmed the land.

“I didn’t want it chopped up.” claimed Joe after signing the deed over to the Nature Center.

Large rocks in the forest with many brown leaves on the forest floor.
In previous conversations Joe discussed wanting the land accessible to the public, especially children.

A committee is forming to develop a plan for the use of the land. A trail or two is most likely in the near future. The ash trees infested with the invasive species, Emerald Ash Borer, will be removed. This action prevents the larvae from developing into adults and spreading further. To learn more about this beetle and its effects on the forests of NEPA, come listen to Dean Harshbarger in March. Details on the Calendar of Events.

The property is located near on Windswept Road, Washington Township. Until a plan is finalized the land is not open to the public.

Older man signing a paper with a woman standing beside him.Rebecca Lesko first meet Joe Macialek after presenting a live birds of prey program at the Lackawanna College Environmental Institute. We had a short conversation. A few weeks later Joe called me to set up a visit. Many visits and board discussions later all were agreed. On December 29, 2016 Joe signed the new deed gifting the land.

“It’s hard to believe someone could be so generous. It’s been great getting to know Joe and his family. He’s a very interesting person, who supplies me with new reading matter each time we see each other,” stated Rebecca Lesko, Director and Naturalist of the Nature Center.

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