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Our 10th Anniversary

Founders and volunteers hanging our sign on Scheuer Lodge.On Earth Day 2006 the Endless Mountains Nature Center opened, the doors of Scheuer Lodge, to the public and have offered nature-related programs and access to miles of trails ever since. I knew this day was approaching, but didn’t dwell on it. Now that this milestone anniversary is here, my heart is filled with happiness and a slideshow of busy people run through my mind. The first people were the group of like-minded volunteers who thought starting an nature center was a good idea. After they learned what a nature center was. It has been a path full of wonderful people, challenges, late nights, early mornings, eaglets, flowers, and most importantly many happy children.

How did we do this? What’s our history? These are questions I’ve been asked repeatedly. It about time to record the answers, before I get hit by a proverbial pie truck (as Suzanne says). Over the next few weeks, I’ll endeavor to answer these and other questions. For now, hopefully you’re thrilled the Nature Center is still here and kicking.

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