Live bird programs

Pictures of three of the Endless Mountains Nature Center's education ambassador animals. On the left is a close up of an Eastern Screech Owl, center picture is a head shot of a Red-tailed Hawk, and the right image is of a woman with a Barred Owl.

Schedule a LIVE bird program for your event, school, or group in Northeast Pennsylvania

A live bird or birds can visit your students, scouts, community group, or visitors to your special event. Naturalist and birder, Rebecca Lesko will share her knowledge of these beautiful wild birds. You can see all of these birds in Pennsylvania, but not this closely.

Our bird ambassadors once lived in the wild, but due to injuries they can’t be returned to their homes. During the programs you’ll hear each bird’s story and how their species survive in the wild. Diet, life cycle, habitat, adaptations, and behaviors are some of the topics covered during programs. Each is tailored to your audiences’ age, interests, and knowledge level.

Mother and daughterThe “Feathered Friends” program can be presented for Mommy and Me classes and in preschools. One of the smaller birds visits your classroom during an active fun program. Your youngsters will be able to touch feather and replica eggs; learn to call like a Blue Jay; fly like crows, vultures, and eagles; and test their bird knowledge.

During the one-hour “Raptors Rule” presentation your audience meets three of the live birds, hears their stories, learns what to do if they find an injured wild animal, and discovers which birds of prey are raptors. This is in addition to discovering how these bird species survive in the wild. What action your audience can take to protect wildlife may also be covered.

Rebecca Lesko with Aurora, a Red-tailed Hawk, animal ambassador. Aurora permanently resides at the Endless Mountains Nature Center due to her injuries.The “Bird Education Station” works great for large events and festivals where people may want to stop by and meet the birds and hear a little about them, but not sit and spend an hour listening about all the birds. A touchable display of feathers, replica eggs, and other items are included.

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