Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

You’ve found an injured wild animal or a young one that may need assistance. Now what?

Contact a wildlife rehabilitator NOW. They are licensed, equipped, and knowledgeable. They provide the animal you want to help with the BEST CHANCE to survive and be returned to the wild.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) licenses wildlife rehabilitators and can provide you with contact information for anywhere in the state. The PGC Northeast Office can be reached at 570-675-1143 and 570-675-1144.

The closest wildlife rehabilitators to Tunkhannock, PA and which wildlife they treat are:

1. Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center for all wildlife (mammals, birds, reptiles)

Kathy Uhler, Stroudsburg, PA
570-402-0223 Call back, if no answer

2. Carbon County Environmental Education Center for all wildlife (mammals, birds, reptiles)

Summit Hill, PA
Call us at 570-645-8597. After business hours, try 570-233-3384

Most of the time transportation is not possible. Donations for the care of the wildlife is always appreciated, but not required.

The rehabilitators will provide you with the information to keep you and the wild animal safe until you can take the animal to the rehab facility.

It’s very important to wear heavy gloves.
Long pants, and long-sleeve shirts are recommended.
Minimize contact (sight, sound, and touch).
A warm, dark, quiet place is usually best, but check with the rehabilitator for specific instructions
Don’t provide food or water unless instructed to do so by the rehabilitator.

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